Pelham elementary flag team goes 2-1 in first Chelsea tournament of spring season

The Pelham elementary flag rugby team went 2-1 Sunday at the first Chelsea Waterside Park tournament of the spring season.

Fielding a squad of 14, Pelham beat Boys Club 4-3 and Rockaway 7-4, showing off some particularly sharp passing moves against Rockaway.  In the last game of the afternoon, Lycée defeated Pelham 7-1.

Playing for Pelham were Avery Archibald, Connor Evans, Elliot Brandler, Guy Eustace, Grant Rolls, James Hupprich, Julia Davis, Luca Phillips, Max Laval, Nicholas Hibbler, Patrick Zahradnik, Reed O’Brien, Justin O’Beirne and Andrew Clausen.

Pelham next plays at Chelsea this Sunday.