Special tackle practice set for Sunday, Sept. 23 at Ingalls Field

This message from Coach Persanis: Our first game is approaching quickly. I would like to schedule a practice for this Sunday evening from 4:30 pm to 6 pm at Ingalls Field, which is the corner field between Pelham Middle School and Pelham Memorial High School.

It is important that players make this practice. We play Greenwich on Sunday, Sept. 30.

It is also a good practice for us to get together the full team. I know a lot of kids are playing other sports and can’t make every practice. This would be the one time when we can have everyone there.

I have reserved the field and will have other coaches there. Please make every effort to get your child there.

If your child cannot make it, please let me know. Otherwise we will assume they will be there.

Bring mouthpiece and cleats.