U15 team wins big in game versus Manhattan; U13s improve though lose another

Though they lost to Manhattan, the U13 kids played their best game yet and showed definite improvement. Coach Matt Persanis received a call from the coach of the Manhattan team, who said the Pelham squad really made strides from the game against Manhattan last Monday. Player of the Match was a hard choice this week. In the U13 game, it could have been a repeat for Cameron Ward based on his effort, or maybe Woods Johnson in his return. Conner Evans seems to always be in the mix. Alejandro Kahaner made great strides. Duffy Doyle put in a second straight solid game. In the end, we decided the award would go to Tamio Shibasaki for all his defensive work. Tamio showed the way on defense, demonstrating you do not have to be big to make good tackles.

The U15 team continued to dominate. They are a special group. Playing the game with only 10-a-side and having only one sub after Quinn Scanlon got hurt, it could have been a tough test. But instead the team responded by scoring 20 tries to 3. In fact, out of fairness and respect for the opponent, Pelham started kicking off to the Manhattan after a score, then went to a scrum down to them after a score and finally Pelham played with only nine on the field.

Player of the Game for the U15 match was also a tough choice. Dan Biskup was a rucking machine, clearing out rucks and dominating the breakdown. Kees Huisman made some great tackles and awesome runs. Whit Johnson was always dangerous with the ball, as was Xavier Worsel. Matt Biskup led the team in tackles as usual, while Luke Persanis made numerous passes from the rucks and a few spectacular tackles on their fast guys. In the end, Cian Burns got the nod. Cian made some very good tackles, stayed on his feet when getting tackled long enough for his teammates to support him. His passing with Kees out wide had the other team dazzled the whole game.