U13 team gets first win of autumn season versus Long Island; U15 falls to older, more experienced NY Rugby side

On a beautiful sunny day, Pelham U13 faced off against Long Island U13, and Pelham’s U15 played against New York Rugby Club’s U19 team.

In U13 action, Pelham beat league rival Long Island 12 tries to 9. Pelham played a very good game against a team that beat them twice last season. Pelham held a 2 try lead at halftime only to see Long Island tie it quickly in the second half. Pelham was able to regroup and score 4 tries to 1 after that to win going away.

This game marked a huge turnaround for Pelham’s junior team. Pelham rucked well, clearing the tackle area to allow them to recycle ball in a quick manner. They tackled well and always looked dangerous with the ball in hand. Pelham clearly had the better skills. Pelham got great games from most players but standing out were John Vigroux, Duffy Doyle, Adam Razick, Conner Evans, Sofia Imperato, Reed O’Brien and “Man of the Match” Woods Johnson. After the game, New York’s coach approached Sofia about coming to play for the NY Metro girls all-stars this summer. Pelham’s best female player is being actively recruited by other teams.

Playing for Pelham were Andrew Clausen, Christopher Davis, Duffy Doyle, Conner Evans, Sofia Imperato, Quinn Jenkins, Woods Johnson, Alejandro Kahaner, Conor McNulty, Reed O’Brien, Luca Philips, Adam Razick, Tamio Shibasaki, Jean Vigroux, Cameron Ward and Patrick Zahradnik.

In the U15 game, Pelham, one of the newest teams in the country, took on a team from the oldest rugby club in America, NY Rugby Club’s U19. After a cancellation by Fairfield Prep, Pelham was looking to play a game against anyone in preparation for upcoming games against Greenwich and Manhattan. Fortunately, New York’s U19 team was looking for a game too. Pelham, which fielded two eighth graders and the rest ninth graders, faced a New York team composed of ninth, tenth and eleventh graders.

Normally, players only face those that are a maximum of one year older. But Pelham wanted a test. And a test they got. New York jumped out to a quick 2 try lead, but then Pelham regrouped and started to play the game they are capable of playing. Although New York looked like it might walk away with the game after the first half, Pelham battled back with strong runs by North Westall, Xavier Worsely and Kees Huisman. Pelham also started to make strong tackles, with Matt Biskup, Morgan Collins and Whit Johnson leading the charge.

Pelham made the second half a very close game in the end, falling short to a much older, much bigger team. The final score was 9 tries to 4. Not bad considering the age and experience of the opposition. Special mention to our two eighth graders, Alex Oman and Luke Persanis, for playing well in a game against kids four years older than them, and to Xavier Worsely, who was named “Man of the Match” for his dazzling display with the ball in his hand.

Playing for Pelham were Dan Biskup, Matt Biskup, Cian Burns, Morgan Collins, Kees Huisman, Whit Johnson, Alex Oman, Luke Persanis, Nick Roll, North Westall and Xavier Worsely.