Pelham Rugby answers five questions: Coach Persanis

1. What do you like about rugby?

I like the flow, the nonstop action, that everyone gets the ball and of course the toughness of it. I also like that once you play rugby you can go anywhere in the world and be welcomed by any rugby club.

2. Describe your best memory from the fall rugby season.

I have three (1 for each team): one is the mini tournaments at Chelsea Waterside. I love those tournaments and how much fun they are. The second is the U13 win over Long Island. The third is the u15 win in the last game, the huge comeback win!

3. What’s the funniest thing that happened?

One of the u15 players getting his shorts pulled down while being tackled. That’s always good for a laugh!

4. What has surprised you most about playing rugby?

I have to go back a long way since I started playing in 1984, but… I have always been surprised at how easy it is to just join in with a new rugby team. I have moved a lot and played for many teams, both regular and all star teams and have never had a problem just joining in.

5. If you were granted an interview with the Albino Squirrel, what’s the one question you would ask him?

  1. Are you still alive after storm?
  2. How have you avoided being eaten by a hawk for so long?
  3. Could you please stay inside while we are practicing!?


Interview question for Albino Squirrel?