U16 and U14 players start practices; still time to register for elementary, tackle programs

rugby startOn the blacktop in sneakers, the U16 and U14 players started practicing for the coming season two weeks ago with a snow-covered Prospect Hill field behind them.

There’s still time to get your elementary or tackle player registered for the program.

Register now for the spring flag and tackle programs in Pelham. Click this link for the form you need to fill out, and send it back right away to Pelham Recreation.

Tackle practices started on March 3 for the U14 and U16 (high school) teams. U12 tackle and elementary flag practices begin on April 4.

Pelham Rugby is open to kids from towns outside of Pelham and is one of the very few youth rugby programs in our region.

The complete schedule is on the form. Read it over as times change for the tackle teams on April 4, and the U16s now have a Wednesday session.