Three teams from ‘The’ Pelhams travel to The Rockaways (or near enough)

U16 v Rockaway lineoutThe Pelham U12 team dominated Rockaway on Sunday with fantastic tackling, passing and running. They are a group to watch. The best part was they were all involved.

The U14s faced a big tough opponent and it showed. The remedy: More work on the practice field.

The U16 team played a difficult three-period match, which was set up to allow the new players to get some game time. In a strange twist, it was the new players who rescued Pelham. After 50 minutes of play (games are usually 70), Pelham was down by one try, 24-19. The teams then played a 10-minute period with all the new guys. Pelham won their period 8 tries to 6, making for a Pelham win by 5.

Congrats to the new players for the immediate impact.

Players of the game(s):

  • U12: FInlay Boardman
  • U14: Will Jarka
  • U16: Matt Biskup