First two Pelham Rugby players picked to play for college programs

Pelham Youth Rugby has produced its first two college rugby players, Ross Burke and Tim Ward.

Ross, who started playing with Pelham until he outgrew the existing program, received a rugby scholarship to attend the University of Arizona.

Tim made the traveling squad this weekend when Top 25 St Joseph’s University visited Columbia University. Tim was the only freshman prop picked for the squad and played as the No. 8 man Saturday night for ranked St. Joe’s.

Ross had played as the No. 8 for Pelham and was on Pelham’s first tackle team. He played the same position in high school for New York Rugby Club and is now a freshman 8 man at Arizona.

Tim played prop at Pelham and was one of the very first kids to try rugby when the Pelham program started six and a half years ago. His younger brother, Cameron, is still in the program.