Ruggers Edge to talk about college playing opportunities Oct. 29 at Daronco Town House

Pelham Rugby has the Ruggers Edge coming to Pelham to do a Pelham-only presentation about the opportunities for rugby players in college. How to get in, how to use rugby to help you get in, get scholarships and grants.

When: Oct 29, 7:30 pm

Where: Daronco Town House, 5th Avenue, Pelham

Why: To learn how rugby can help you get into the college of your choice, what colleges offer scholarships, what colleges offer grants, what colleges use rugby as an admission criteria.

Who: Ruggers Edge, a company whose sole purpose is to help rugby players get into college.

How much: Free

Who should come: Every player and at least one parent. It’s never too early to learn what is out there.

It was very hard to get them to come and give a free presentation for just our group. They usually insist on having multiple groups. Please make arrangements to come. There is no practice that night, so no excuses!