Invitation to join ‘Friends of Pelham Rugby’

Hi Pelham rugby parents and alumni,

We are interested in starting an informal organization to support the rugby program.

Friends of Pelham Rugby would meet a couple of times each season with the aim of promoting the Sport and the Club in Pelham.

It could…

1 Supply answers to ‘new’ parents’ if they are thinking about enrolling their child in the rugby program and have questions about it.
2. Provide a focus for current parents and alumni to maintain their interest in the sport.
3. Promote the rugby program in the town and school community.
4. Provide feedback from alumni and parents of varsity children to parents of children in the younger grades about what to expect as they move through the program and into college.
5. Have a section on the Pelham Rugby website that is dedicated to issues that concern parents and alumni.
6. Generally foster communication between Rugby parents.
7. Anything else that we can think of!

This isn’t a fundraising venture and there is no fee to attend or participate. It’s an informal social gathering where we as parents and alumni can chat–maybe over a glass of wine/beer/soda–and share our experience, knowledge and tiger balm.

If you are interested in participating please email and we’ll add you to our list.

We intend for our first meeting to take place sometime within the next month, so please get back to us ASAP if you are interested.

Once the group is up and running, information will be posted on the Friends page on this website.

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